What is Money?

Hello, my name is Patrick Solomon, I'm a filmmaker currently producing a film about money. Yeah I know, big subject let me explain: My last film, Finding Joe, is about Joseph Campbell and The Heroes Journey. During the Q&A sessions following each screening the subject of money would always come up, to my surprise, and that prompted me to ask "What is Money?".

Money is not what you think it is. Money, or value, is just an idea, it's a concept it's a belief system. To me, that's just plain weird AND it's the starting point for this film. Money is the number one source of stress in the western world yet very few people understand what it is and how it operates in our lives. Most people are horrible with money. Why? There is so much emotion wrapped up in the concept of money that it clouds our view of it's true nature. This film cuts through the fog of human emotion to reveal exactly what money is, why we suck at it and how we can be better with this weird stuff called money.

Who Is Pat Solomon?

Patrick started his career in the action sports world. Snowboarding, Motocross, Surfing and Skate content were his specialty. He soon graduated to advertising, directing commercials and content for major brands such as Honda, Ford, Toyota, Chevy, Visa, BASF and many more. A desire to direct long form projects led him to his first feature length documentary. The award wining and hugely inspirational “Finding Joe” is a film about Joseph Campbell and the Heroes Journey. It continues to impact lives to this day. Patrick is currently in production on a new film entitled “What is Money” which is an exploration of what money is and how it works on a human level.

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